Top 10 Purple Birds In The World

Utsav Singh
Nov 23, 2023

Technically, birds are dinosaurs since they are evolved from them. The ancestors are small, feathered, meat-eating creatures from the theropod group. Here is the list of amazing purple birds in the world,

1. Violet-backed starling

Violet-backed starling grows up to 7 inches long and nearly weighs 0.099 lb. It is found in the forests, woodlands, and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Image Source: Josh More

2. American purple gallinule

American purple gallinule can grow around 10 to 14.6 inches long and weighs 25 to 27 oz. It is found in the ponds, fresh water, marshes, and swamps of Central America.

Image Source: Diana Robinson

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Utsav Singh

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