A List of Fishes With Big Lips

Utsav Singh
2 min readApr 18, 2023


The world of fishes is amazing and from tiny guppies to giant whale sharks, the diversity among them is amazing. Here is a list of some of the fishes with big lips,

Fishes With Big Lips

1. Piranha

Piranha comes in small to medium characteristics and is mostly seen in the rivers of South America, however, there are a few species of piranha also seen in the warm waters of North America. The Martin of Piranhas happens during the rainy season in April and May.

Image Source: Wikimedia

2. Pacu

Pacu fishes is the name given to several common characteristics like plate-shaped bodies, and fins on their back, stomach, sides, and tail. The. The body length varies between 20 to 80 cm and has an average weight of up to 25 kg. A few common species of Pacu fish are black pacu, parrot pacu, and red-bellied pacu.

Image Source: Jasper

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